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How To Get Cheap Web Hosting For Your Websites?

Finding a cheap web hosting for your website can be a tedious task especially when there are hundreds of the hosting providers to choose from. But at the same time getting you website hosted has never been more affordable. At we have a number of cheap web hosting plans that will fit any budget.

How to choose a web hosting provider?

Before selecting any web hosting provider you should try to find out the following information about the hosting company.

  • Key Hosting features like disk space, bandwidth, free web design templates, server side language support, free extra services, search engine marketing coupons, e-commerce ready
  • Pricing of the plan and setup fee (if any), as well as domain registration fee
  • Number of years in the web hosting business
  • Server and network uptime, reliablity of hosting infrastructure and data center
  • Level of customer support and customer satisfaction testimonials
  • Number of hosting customers and awards/honors

Cheap web hosting package

At, we are dedicated to bring you the best of the web hosting providers where you can host your website for less money. We provide our visitors with top 5 Cheap Web Hosting companies who we consider to be very reliable and have great customer satisfaction. The table below lists Web Hosting Companies with valuable cheap web hosting package.

Web Hosting Company Visit Site Price/Month Disk Space Bandwidth Review
US $6.95 - $14.95
Unlimited Domains
3.5-10 GB 50-100 GB
US $7.95
6 domains on 1 account
30 GB 750 GB
US $7.95
6 domains on 1 account
10 GB 250 GB
US $7.77
3 months free + $5 Disc
20 GB 400 GB
US $7.95
6 domains on 1 account
10 GB 250 GB

Cheap web hosting information

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Best Pick

$6.95/mo (Free Setup)
* 3,500 MB disk space
* 50 GB bandwidth

$7.95/m (Free Setup)
* 30,000 MB disk space
* 750 GB bandwidth

$7.95/mo (Free Setup)
* 10,000 MB disk space
* 250 GB bandwidth

$7.77/m (3 months free)
* 20,000 MB disk space
* 400 GB bandwidth

$7.95/mo (Free Setup)
* 10,000 MB disk space
* 250 GB bandwidth

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